British Gas Tariff Hikes Anger Customers – Call For Renewable Energy Sources

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The recent announcement by British Gas increasing tariffs by 10% has sparked an outrage and concern given the diminishing wages. This action has re-emphasised the importance of considering renewable energy sources for domestic as well as industrial use. And the good news in all this is that the company is well equipped to offer you consultation and installation of renewable energy sources and even buy back the extra power you generate therefore lowering your energy net energy costs. To find out your tariff or claim your smart meter, contact British Gas customer services by ringing 0870 280 5465.

Alternative energy is that source that is alternative to using fossil fuel and are intended to address the issues like high costs, global warming caused by increased gas emissions and release of toxic waste into the environment. The human race after realizing its harmful effects on the environment began researching, developing and implementing alternative energy sources that are renewable and can be used for houses, cars, and factories. These sources grow with the human population, are efficient and safe. Geothermal, wind power, solar, nuclear are among the sustainable sources of renewable energy.

British Gas utility van

British Gas Seeks Alternatives To Fossil Fuels

Solar power

This is clean, renewable electricity created from sunlight or heat. This requires setting up a solar thermal or photovoltaic system on the roof. It is a free and inexhaustible source of energy that emits no greenhouse gasses and does not pollute the environment. Solar can wholly or partly meet your energy needs, in both cases substantially lowering your energy costs, so your monthly bill becomes manageable. It’s low maintenance and unobtrusive installation add value to your home.


  • Free source of energy
  • Solar power generated during the day can be stored for night use
  • Can be used in remote areas with no reach of conventional energy
  • The generators are clean and quiet
  • It is renewable and will not be depleted in the next thousands of years

Wind power

By using turbines, wind power can be converted into electricity. It is a source of clean energy that is renewable and free. When generating electricity, the wind turbines are relatively silent and do not pollute the environment in any way. It is affordable to install even for households as long as the location can sustain regular strong wind. It is among the best ways to generate energy without causing global warming as it produces no greenhouse gasses. The excess energy can then be bought back by the energy company if you are within a grid, this way you not only lower your energy cost but can make a profit.


  • It is generated freely to subsidize your energy needs
  • It is a clean energy source
  • Wind power is renewable

Micro hydro systems

micro hydro systems

In areas with a continuous flow of water micro hydro systems can be installed to generate a substantial amount of energy for commercial or domestic use. The turbines convert motion from flowing water into electricity. The amount of water and turbine size will determine the quantity of electricity produced. These micro hydro systems are usually stand alone systems for use in remote areas with no regular grids but have continuous water flow. This cheap, renewable and non-polluting energy source can be implemented if you have a farm operation requiring a lot of energy and also have enough flowing water.

Hybrid systems

With hybrid systems, you combine several renewable energy sources into one system for your consumption and possible sale of the surplus energy to the power company. People commonly combine solar and wind generators. The complete system can incorporate these two sources, batteries and power inverters to form a fully functional electricity generation system that is ready for use. When your batteries are low, the conventional power supply automatically cuts in till when your batteries will recharge. British Gas can help you find the right mix for maximum reliance on your generated energy, therefore, saving on energy bills.

Biomass energy

Energy can be produced from animal and human waste including municipal solid waste, agricultural yields and by-products from timber. This is the only source of energy that utilizes waste material therefore profitably disposing of them efficiently. The product, biogas, can be used in many ways, for example, heating, lighting and even in generating electricity therefore drastically lowering your energy costs.

  • Very environmentally friendly and helps in recycling biological waste products
  • It is renewable and does not harm the environment like the expensive fossil fuel
  • It is a cheap source of energy once the digester is installed and commissioned

Tidal Power

Tidal power diagram

Since oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface, the tidal waves resulting from gravity and the pull of the moon it can be used to generate renewable energy. By understanding and positioning for the changes in the moon position, this can be used to produce power. Industry can have their generators installed for their use and even sell off the surplus for additional revenue.


  • Once installed, the energy source is free
  • It is a renewable source of energy that will not be depleted
  • Tidal power is clean and does no harm to the environment

Challenges British Gas faces implementing alternative energy sources

Most of these renewable energy sources are still under research on how to optimally capture the energy through them. Many have installed smaller power generation systems at home and in industries, however, large scale production is still a challenge. Most of these require large spaces to operate for example solar panels, and wind power requires large tracts of land for large-scale energy production. The only alternative that does not need a large space is hydroelectric since it needs just a stronger current for higher production.
Many countries and particularly individuals are not yet ready to change to renewable energy particularly as it is capital intensive to install most of these and make them operational. It also involves a lot of work decommissioning the conventional sources of energy to establish the new infrastructure.

The importance of using alternative energy sources

The best way to counter the rising energy cost or domestic as well as industrial consumers is to install free renewable energy sources even if it is to be done in phases. It is a clean source of energy that does not pollute the environment or cause global warming. If many consumers at least subsidize their use of conventional energy sources, the global warming problem will be solved in some years.
British Gas has and continues to assist their customers in transitioning from the traditional energy sources that are too expensive to renewable and free sources. Small scale production is very possible and is sustainable with very little maintenance required once the system is installed.

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